The one who does the talking does the learning

Learning by teaching to play huge role in Linguathon approach to English Language Learning.

Learning by teaching as a methodology has huge implications for online English Language learning motorized by social networking empowerment, as part of the learning process itself. See also The Vygotsky Connection:

In the 1930s Lev Vygotsky wrote extensively, in Russian, on the profound connection between language and cognition, and in particular oral language (speech) and learning. The implication of Vygotsky's observations for Learning by Teaching would appear to be direct and apt. "The one who does the talking, does the learning" may best summarize the point: students learn by teaching their peers.

As explained in the The Communicative Competence Matrix as Syllabus, Tracker and Network, learners acquiring English Languange Communicative Competence together as a group is not an arrangement that arises simply as a question of social fun, or convenience, or even as the democratic need for learners not to be artifically separated from each other. Even though it is all of these things. Learners learning together is the best form of interaction, the best way for Frames and Learning Issues to be worked through, and is inherent in the significance of the Matrix as Network.

In and of itself, and as praxis.